The Privacy Policy listed within this page informs you, the user, of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of sensitive personal information. DealsAtCheckout (otherwise referred to as ‘site,’ ‘us,’ ’we,’ or ‘our’ within this statement) considers user privacy to be a matter of the utmost importance, and this Privacy Policy reflects our stance on the matter.

By continued usage of the resources and services listed within DealsAtCheckout, accessible via the domain ‘,’ you provide explicit consent in regards to the policies laid out below. Unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, the terms used have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions.

Data Collection And Usage

With the sole purpose of providing an enhanced user experience for visitors, we engage in the collection of various types of information. The data that we collect falls into two broad categories; information that you provide with your explicit consent, and information that we gain using tracking technologies. Allow us to break that down for you below.

When you start to use the various resources within this site, we often ask you for your contact info, which usually includes your email address, name, physical address, etc. This information is kept solely to provide you with important site updates, product purchase details, promotional offers, and other notifications. If you feel that the amount by emails that you receive from us is too much, you can unsubscribe from them whenever you want.

As mentioned within our Terms and Conditions, we also engage in the collection of data using browser cookies, scripts, fingerprinters, and pixel beacons to track user activity. This allows us to collect detail usage statistics to facilitate various enhancements to the site — better product placements and interactive user elements, for example. However, we will never share, nor do we intend to share, your information with third-party entities under any circumstance.

Data Tracking Technologies

We use a range of tracking technologies to monitor your activity while you browse this site. Data collection makes use of various metrics such as browser versions, date and time, IP addresses, cookies data, pixel beacons, location data, etc. This data provides us with a range of useful usage statistics to help improve our services.

With browser cookies in particular, end users also garner various benefits. Despite their name, cookies are tiny files that include anonymized identifiers that help us identify users on subsequent visits. In addition to helping us out in our data collection efforts, you yourself can enjoy faster sign ins, remembered site preferences, and improved performance during navigation. Cookies can also aid you in product purchases.

Configuring Browser Privacy

Most web browsers refrain from restricting the forms of data that websites garner with the tracking techniques listed above. But you as the end-user do have control over what websites do collect by modifying the various privacy settings of your preferred web browsers. Popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari do allow you to prevent sites from tracking you from site to site by restricting cookies and third-party scripts.

KIndly use the instructional articles using the links below to manage the privacy settings for several popular desktop and mobile web browsers:

Google Chrome | Apple Safari | Mozilla Firefox | Opera Browser | Internet Explorer | Microsoft Edge

Third-Party Service Providers

Our site makes use of the support services of several third-parties for e-commerce and data analytical purposes (Histats, Clicky, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.). We have placed reasonable controls to ensure that these service providers aren’t susceptible to information that can be used to identify you with directly. These service providers only have access to a set amount of anonymized data as required to perform the tasks that we have authorized them to conduct.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

We take reasonable steps to ensure that sensitive data is preserved and protected in accordance with ethical and legal standards at all times, as per the polices laid out in this Privacy Policy statement. Alterations and revisions to this statement are assumed to be in force immediately; we shall try out utmost to notify you of upcoming changes via email or site-wide banner notifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the event of queries. Click the Contact Us link located within the Footer section of this statement to access our contact form.